HekaFS 0.7-23 Released

Today Kaleb put together a new release, based on various bits and pieces he and I have done over the last while. The big thing is that the SSL-capable transport/protocol bits are now based on GlusterFS 3.2.5 plus the latest greatest version of the patch that’s still chugging through the GlusterFS 3.3+ queue. There are also several changes to init scripts, man pages, etc. – nothing earth shattering, but just the usual “keeping up with the world” kind of stuff. If you’re using Fedora 16 or Rawhide, the new version should be coming soon to a repository near you. If you’re using something else, you can pick up the tarball or clone the git repository.

P.S. The intention among the GlusterFS/HekaFS developers is still to roll pieces of the HekaFS functionality into GlusterFS one by one until there’s nothing left. The SSL code is going first, the other translator pieces will follow soon-ish, and the management stuff (which is turning out to be tricky) will probably be last. Meanwhile, patches etc. will continue to be applied, with the current F16/3.2.5 code on a fairly slow-moving branch and everything else on a slightly faster-moving trunk.


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  1. Christopher says:


    please release on the fly add nodes…